Across our nation today there is a revival happening in worship music.  Our churches are tired of being entertained and want authentic personal communion with their Creator and Savior.  Risen Music is honored to be a part of this great movement in the Christian faith.  We seek not only to give a voice to the exceptional church-birthed songwriting that is occurring, but also to create a reservoir of spirit-filled songs for worship leaders to use in their own creative way.

Our team is made up of songwriters, arrangers, orchestrators and producers whose passion is inspiring the creation of new songs from within the church body.  Every church is different and is made up of individuals who have their own God-stories, each waiting to be expressed in a unique way.  From training and equipping your songwriters, to arranging and/or orchestrating your original songs, to handling all the publishing aspects so your team can concentrate on your music, we have you covered.

The relationships we have built with our clients is a personal one.  We are extremely selective with whom we partner, and we are committed to help them grow in the way that best suits their ministry.  Ultimately, our goal is to reach the world for Christ through excellent music worthy of Him and to help deliver His message to the communities around us. 

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Does your church have an active song-writing ministry, but you are not sure how to reach outside your walls?  We've got this.

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