Rise Up

The songs on this record truly reflect a sense of gratitude and celebration rising up out of the ashes. I look back on my life journey and I can’t believe all God has done! The past few years I have searched the heart of God to understand where true joy comes from in the midst of the struggle. I was humbled and blessed to learn as I studied the scriptures that joy is a byproduct of our faithfulness. May we rise up and be faithful to the end, even when we encounter hardship and darkness overwhelms us. May the light of Jesus shine through us and lead us home.

Track List

1. No Name is Higher [more]

2. Freedom Reigns [more]

3. You Hold It All [more]

4. Before Our King [more]

5. Home [more]

6. So Much More [more]

7. Holy Spirit Come [more]

8. Holy Spirit Come [more]

9. Rise Up [more]

10. Jesus, You’re The Only One [more]

11. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) [more]