Secret Light

Secret Light is the debut Christmas EP from Stephanie Samuel. The goal of this four track project is to reawaken our hearts to the truth, wonder, and power of Christ’s birth and what that means for mankind. 

In Do Not Fear we explore Luke 1 & 2, where Mary grapples with the news of being chosen, the heavenly host declaring His birth, and the confidence we can have in His reign. The Night Is Silent shares powerful imagery of the night Christ came in the midst of darkness, and the truth that His birth was a new beginning, the beginning of the end of death. Born O Born explores how Christ's coming is linked to His coming again, and His promise to make all things new. In We Didn’t Even Know Stephanie unwraps the paradox of a large part of humanity: not even knowing Jesus came or how much we all need him. May you hear, feel and experience Christmas afresh, with these new sounds and inspired lyrics. 

Stephanie Samuel has been a worship leader at the Pasadena International House Of Prayer since 2011. She has a passion for leading others to the presence of God through music and opening eyes to the truth of His heart for them through inner healing prayer. Stephanie has a heart for Hollywood and is an actor, writer and director. Her desire is to reveal the love and beauty of Jesus through the creative arts.

Track List

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