The Face of God

The light of truth tells us that God's heart is for the broken, fallen and homeless; for the throwaway children that are too distant for many to see, too distant for most to care. The orphans of our world are indeed not orphans to God. Not in the slightest. Nor should they be to His Church! For we ourselves were once orphans before the grace, redemption and wonder of the cross.

From Concord Worship comes their second original project, The Face of God, a night of worship centered around the relentless action of orphan ministries across the globe, the parents who listened to His voice and enlarged their own families with compassion and love, and the faithfulness of a God who sees each of us in our own frailty and abandonment, and chooses to welcome us as sons and daughters.

Concord Worship is the choir and orchestra of First Baptist Concord in Knoxville, TN.  Their team of writers is made up of individuals who believe their musical and lyrical ability exists to point to God, draw in those who have ears to hear, and deliver His messages to His people in a powerful way.

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6. The Face of God [more]

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